[ExI] massive "green" industrial transformation of the landscape

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Mon Jul 30 04:04:56 UTC 2007

On 7/28/07, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:

                           <snipped long severely critical rant>


Just because you haven't heard of him doesn't mean that Jesse Ausebel,
isn't "a leading scientist" and top drawer.  I've known of his work
for years, and have cited him several times in postings to the list.
In my opinion he is definitely, and exceptionally,  top drawer.  But
I'll leave you to make your own assessment.

To that end let me recommend that you glide on over to the Rockefeller
University site for the Program for the Human Environment:


If you go to "Publications" you will find at the top of the list the
paper -- full text -- referred to in the Guardian article with which
Damien began this thread.  Horse's mouth.

Renewable and nuclear heresies

The two papers of his that I have read, and which left me with a
durable and thoroughly favorable opinion were:

Elektron: Electrical Systems in Retrospect and Prospect


The Evolution of Transport

And don't we all agree that nuclear power is surpassingly green, and
that the political opposition to same over the past ~3 decades is
decidedly non-rational?  One doesn't therefor have to be a shill for
the nuclear industry to hold and espouse such a position.  In fact,
considering the anti-nuke pop culture, doesn't professor Ausebel, as
Director of the Program for the Human Environment, at the liberal
Rockefeller University, New York, NY, qualify as a scholar with
intellectual integrity and even a bit of courage?

Despite the harshness of your earlier "critique", I have every
confidence you will give the good professor a fair and judicious
assessment when you've had an opportunity to look at his actual body
of work.

Life is good here, as I hope it is with all of you.

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