[ExI] Aharonov-Bohm Effect

scerir scerir at libero.it
Mon Jul 30 05:58:56 UTC 2007

[I did not receive my own post. But
I received Lee's response]


> You're not a believer in MWI?

I think that one real world is enough :-)
> Now, may I visualize one of the two paths (of one 
> particle) emanating from one slit and, as it nears the
> solenoid, penetrating one after the other of the
> cylindrical surfaces and then un-penetrating them
> in turn as the electron goes further away?  Or is
> that the wrong idea?

Something like that yes. And something like that
also for the other path (amplitude) coming from the other
slit. Since the vector potential field is rotating
(say) anticlockwise, its radial components affect 
differently the upper and the lower paths (amplitudes) 
of the same electron.

> In principle it sounds simple:  just lower a gravitating
> field inside the two paths of an interstellar split beam
> experiment. (Wheeler loved to describe such a large
> "apparatus" wherein the two possibilities interfere
> after traveling many light years.)  So I would think
> that this latter experiment would not involve EM,
> but rather gravitation, and might show just the same
> thing.

Yes, Wheeler and his 'dragon'. Within neutron 
interferometry it is possible to show anomalies
in the interference pattern, due to the different
distance of the paths (amplitudes) from the source
of gravitation (Earth). At least that is what I remember.
But I may be wrong.

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