[ExI] Global Warming Skeptics as Interview Subjects?

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Without a transcript, or other writings of Max's, I would not be able to say
what his views are.  I haven't studied the field, and would certainly make
no pretense of holding any special knowledge.  If indeed the evidence shows
there is Global Warming, then it would seem prudent that the Government
would be concerned over predicted effects of such, would it not?  How the
politicians "spin" the issue will depend on their integrity and biases.
What will be done about it, should the evidence point to the necessity for
action, will likely be a combination of governmental and private action.

My object is to learn, not to proselytize.


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>In his discussion on the "Proactionary Principle" at the TransVision 2007
>conference, Max More alluded to his acceptance of Global Warming

You've left out a key modifier: anthropogenic. Dyson, e.g., accepts 
that climate is warming, but thinks it's primarily a cycle in solar 
oscillations of some sort. Others agree global warming is clearly 
evident, but regard the human-added factors variously relevant. If 
vagaries of insolation are responsible for a real effect (as hinted 
by the synchronous "global warming" on Mars), an obvious technical 
fix is a soletta-type "umbrella" or "diffuser" at Earth-Sun 
Lagrange-1. Hardly anyone considers this seriously, least of all 
those for whom our presumed plight is a wake-up call to moral virtue, 
technical modesty and belt-tightening. I see some resemblances here 
to medical and ecclesiastical opposition to anesthetic relief during 
childbirth--women were *meant* to suffer, damn it!

Damien Broderick 

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