[ExI] Global Warming Skeptics as Interview Subjects?

Olie Lamb neomorphy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 12:34:12 UTC 2007

Uh, Damien Spikey,

There are a lot of people _seriously_ considering the feasibility of
affecting the Earth's albedo, such as by setting up very large 'mirrors' in
deserts, if warming is strong, incremental, and gradual over the next few
decades.  Unless the cost of space payloads drop dramatically (yes, a space
elevator would change this), the cost of terrestrial reflectors is likely to
remain many orders of magnitude lower than those for solar diffusers.
(Besides, very lightweight celestial umbrellas would turn into solar


"If vagaries of insolation are responsible for a real effect (as hinted
by the synchronous "global warming" on Mars), an obvious technical
fix is a soletta-type "umbrella" or "diffuser" at Earth-Sun
Lagrange-1. Hardly anyone considers this seriously, least of all
those for whom our presumed plight is a wake-up call to moral virtue,
technical modesty and belt-tightening"


On 10/1/07, Gary Miller <aiguy at comcast.net> wrote:
> Jan Veizer, one of Canada's top earth scientists, published a
> comprehensive
> review of recent findings and concluded, "empirical observations on all
> time
> scales point to celestial phenomena as the principal driver of climate,
> with
> greenhouse gases acting only as potential amplifiers."

This statement is either approaching tautological (and so, nearly
meaningless), or completely wrong.

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