[ExI] Top ten dumbest remarks

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sun Oct 7 20:25:40 UTC 2007

Stefano Vaj Wrote:

> Let us say, however, that "some" kind of involvement, at "some" level,
> seems much more likely a scenario than the opposite.

As there is no rational reason or the smallest particle of evidence to
believe in such a thing I can only conclude that you received this
information from the Blessed Virgin in a dream, or perhaps it was
miraculously spelled out in pepperonis in a pizza that you bought.

There is stupid and then there is Mega Stupid, and that particular
conspiracy theory is Mega Stupid! And it's not like I'm the champion for the
status quo, I defy you to find anyone on this list who has written more or
better anti government screeds than me! But as angry as I got I never
became completely insane (OK maybe a little but not completely). Yes I
understand it feels very good to imagine that your political opponents are
capable of such enormous depravity, and yes it really does make one feel
wonderfully virtuous by comparison, but such gross self deceptions can
never lead to good things, certainly not to good policy.

 John K Clark

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