[ExI] New Wendy's Add?

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Mon Oct 8 01:38:31 UTC 2007

Brent wrote

> Anyway, funerals are always hard for me.  How many of you have the same 
> problem?

Yes, but funerals are hard for almost everyone. Still, many people
believe that it's necessary to go anyway. In very early times, it
was necessary  so that the deceased would have a better time of
it on the other side.  Now it's a tie between "wanting to show
respect" and "getting closure with vis a vis the person's death".

So I force myself to go to funerals when I think that very few
people will be attending, *and* that my presence will be of some
aid to the friends and relatives.  I've stopped going if I believe
many people will be there, and I've stopped going in the cases
where no one cares much about my presence.  The wife of our
dearly beloved boss was quite upset at me for missing, but I
simply didn't have a good reason to go:  our boss had hundreds
of friends and relatives who did.


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