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John desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 02:19:13 UTC 2007

At 04:28 PM 10/6/2007, Brent wrote:

  My entire life, I've always enjoyed the lemmings all jumping off a cliff 
type ideas in our culture.
The masses following popular behavior toward fatal consequences?!

  The most recent great example I've seen is Wendy's new advertisement 
which can bee seen here:


My feeling that everyone is jumping in the grave, when something so much 
more could be done, is surely the reason for enjoying all these so much.  >>>>>>>>>>>>
  I just finished watching the fantastic Ken Burns documentary, "The War" and it deeply saddens me to consider the statistic that on an average day the United States loses to death roughly 1,000 of it's World War II veterans.  I think all that life experience needs to be saved for a world which rapidly forgets its past and lessons learned the hard way.   
  John Grigg  : (

  P.S. If only society could offer the scenario in John Scalzi's novel, "Old Man's War."  Attending the latest Alcor Conference in Scottsdale had me thinking along those lines.   Michael West is something else!

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