[ExI] The Importance of Clear Writing

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Oct 9 03:50:26 UTC 2007

Jef writes

>> But is it really necessary to try to *communicate* that way?
>> Why can't you try writing without all the potential ambiguity?
>> I hope that you're not afraid of appearing dumb just because
>> your writing is transparent.
> No, I'm not concerned that I'd appear stupid if my writing were more
> concrete and simpler to unpack.


> My writing on these forums tends to be abstract and metaphorical to a
> fault.  The reason is simple:  I'm trying to convey big pictures, but
> with very limited bandwidth.

Oh, that's fine.  But I suppose that you really are trying to communicate
ideas, and not simply engage in a literary art form. If so, then striving
for utter transparency and lucidity will be important to you.

> If you'd like to continue this thread (never mind the aborted thread
> about the failings of lower-dimensional models of social
> decision-making) I'd be interested in your thoughts as to the
> possibility that you habitually approach these discussions as if they
> were chess games, thus your apparent tactics of disruption, isolation,
> misdirection and so on.

I started this thread to be about *communication*.  No, I don't want
to get into an analysis of your psychoanalysis of my "apparent tactics".
I consider all those charges, above, to be silly and completely wrong-
headed.   Of all the crap---to happen to have learned that I play
chess and so therefore am always trying to play games with ideas
with the only goal of *winning*---it's cheap and idiotic, and no
I won't discuss it with you.   For your own exercise, why don't
you carefully read the last email I wrote (just a few minutes ago)
and see if you can determine what kind of game-playing I'm engaged
in there?

"Disruption, isolation, misdirection and so on."  Why don't you add
larceny, lying, and consorting with the devil to your list?   Go ahead,
post more insults, I really don't care.   You only expose your own
foolish tactics of personal assassination to the public.


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