[ExI] Islamic extremism

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Wed Oct 10 05:03:35 UTC 2007

At 08:55 PM 10/9/2007, you wrote:
>At 08:36 PM 10/9/2007 -0700, Keith wrote:
> >Reducing child and infant
> >mortality is a good thing only if accompanied by enough birth control
> >to keep the population out of foreseeing a "bleak future," i.e., the
> >population growth stays below the economic growth.
>All this is so, but don't neglect the sociological level. Women have
>to *want* to restrict their fertility and be *able* to bring suitable
>pressures to bear, and men need an incentive to allow them to rather
>than kicking their teeth out immediately.

That's a good point.  How the heck *did* women get the idea to 
strongly restrict the number of kids they had and get the men to go 
along with it?  It happened in a number of cultures/language 
groups.  It seems to have happened in Iran (which is Islamic but not 
Arab) but not in a number of other places.

>I have the impression that
>all the hotbeds of this insanity are either snookered out of the
>global economy--or depend on tearing out raw resources, in which case
>big swinging dick gynophobes rule the roost *because they can*--the
>nation's wealth doesn't depend on having as many smart humans as
>possible being productive economic players.

Maybe.  I get the impression that it is more complicated.  I sure 
wish I understood what led to the strong reduction in birth 
rates.  Since women are the major players here I think us males 
should ask their opinions.  Not that I think that's going to give us 
a solid idea of what really happened because it probably was below 
the conscious level in both men and women.


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