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Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Fri Oct 12 22:34:31 UTC 2007

On Oct 12, 2007, at 14:36, Kevin Freels wrote:

> There are many excellent videos on youtube that show what happens  
> when someone has a metallic object in the room with an MRI. One is  
> a chair that flies up in the air and gets stuck to it! Neat stuff.

I remember watching Quinn Norton talking about the rare earth magnet  
she had implanted in her finger that gave her a "sixth sense" for EM  
fields. (I believe this was her talk to the CCC <http://events.ccc.de/ 
congress/2006/Fahrplan/events/1629.en.html>)  The magnet had  
shattered in her finger, and her doctor had warned her that if any  
slivers of it were still in her finger, and she had an MRI done,  
she'd better make damned sure that none of the rest of her would be  
between that finger and the magnet... :)


Brent Neal
<brentn at freeshell.org>

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