[ExI] pentagon wants orbiting solar power stations

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Mon Oct 15 21:26:24 UTC 2007

"Eugen Leitl" <eugen at leitl.org>

> It would seem, if you snip the rest of my post. So it would seem.

I have heard others complain about me doing this before, and I am just as
baffled now as I was the first time I heard it. If anyone wants to reread
your entire post it will take them about .9 seconds to find it. Perhaps they
can see what I could not, the thing you said that you think would prove
my response to be wrong.

When I become ruler of the universe and all wizards fear to speak my
name the first thing I will do is pass a law saying if you want to include
quoted material you must laboriously type it all in yourself, every god
damn word, the respond button would not be allowed. I'll bet then we
wouldn't have quotes of quoted of quotes of quotes, of quotes of
quotes of quotes. Oh and don't forget the quotes.

> Actually, the electroscooter is huge in the third world.

Well I don't know about the "electro" part but scooters are big in the third
world, because it's better than walking, and it's all they can afford. In
America we can afford better so the closest thing you are likely to find to
an electric scooter is a Harley-Davidson. And that's not very close.

> On the average, the european cars are considerably smaller and
> more fuel  efficient

True, and the reason is that gas is more expensive in Europe because it is
more highly taxed; if it were as cheap as it is in America then European
cars would get bigger and more powerful because that is the sort of car
most people would prefer to have. Until then most (but certainly not all!)
European cars will look like toys to American eyes.

> Energy is apparently still way too cheap.

Too Cheap?! I just would not consider it as a great monument to
progress if I had to trade in my 306 hp Lexus for some crappy little
1.5 hp scooter that toped out at 18mph. Call me the devil incarnate
if you want but I just would not be a happy man.

> Not enough folks hurtin'.

Eugen I think I've know you long enough to know it is unlikely that you've
suddenly embraced a philosophy common among Christian
fundamentalists, that pain and adversity builds character. I really don't
think that was the point  you were trying to make, but what you were
trying to say I have no idea.

I just hope you haven't watched Al Gore's movie too many times.

> fossil energy is getting more and more expensive year by year.

It may take more pictures of George Washington to buy a gallon of gas,
but as a fraction of income gas is about as cheap as it has ever been.

> the place I rent out is heated (and partly, powered) by geothermal

If you live in Iceland geothermal is a no brainer, it is also an option if
you live in perhaps .7% of the earth's suffice, otherwise you'd better
think of something else.

John K Clark

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