[ExI] Question ... Singularity book ...

Richard Loosemore rpwl at lightlink.com
Wed Oct 24 18:12:44 UTC 2007

[With apologies for cross-posting]

A question for you all....

Over the last several years I have assembled a lot of material on topics 

  - The "Bright Green Tomorrow" idea that I mentioned yesterday, about 
what the world might be like after the singularity

  - The Friendliness issue (how it might be possible to ensure that safe 
and friendly AGIs are built, etc)

  - The possible timeline of events between now and a singularity ... 
how long it might take, what could be done to manage the AGI projects, 
or set up a public, open-source AGI project, etc.

  - The technical problems involved in building AGIs ... the limits of 
conventional AI, the merging of AI with cognitive science, etc.

So my question is, if this were written up as a book (or more likely a 
series of books), how many people would be interested in buying such a 

Email me *privately*, if you would:  I don't want to clog this list with 

I know there are many people who read these lists but do not post, so I 
am curious to gauge the level of interest in this wider population.

Many thanks.

Richard Loosemore

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