[ExI] Transhuman Computation: Your Collective Intelligence Required

Andres Colon andres at thoughtware.tv
Tue Oct 30 04:12:21 UTC 2007

Hello, everybody.

I am Andrés, from Thoughtware.TV. I have an idea I am going to implement and
I think you can contribute, so I'm asking for your help.

Please note I am not asking for any money, all I need is for you to
cooperate and help enhance our group's intellectual performance.

First I would like to better understand what Collective Intelligence is. How
does it emerge in biology, sociology, computer science, business and mass

And second and most important: How can it be harnessed?

I would like to see examples on how it can be harnessed. From bacterial
colonies, web-services and human computation, I would like for you to share
any resources, blogs, websites, books, fiction or not, arts, anything you
can remember or find.

Thank you.

Andrés Colón,
Thoughtware.TV <http://www.Thoughtware.TV> - "In a vast, windy field
watching the sky and pondering new ideas."- "The human mind is like a
fertile ground where seeds are continually being planted."-"The seeds are
opinions, ideas, and concepts. You plant a seed, a meme, a thought, and it
comes to life! You watch it grow."

help it grow
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