[ExI] Comedians changing the government (was: Tightest security in the history of APEC? ...)

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Fri Sep 7 13:00:29 UTC 2007

>Australian comedy show were arrested Thursday after duping APEC
>officials with a fake motorcade, carrying an actor dressed up as Osama
>bin Laden.

I suggest to pay attention to the world news tomorrow (Saturday).  A
very popular Italian comedian named Beppe Grillo is trying to change
Parliament laws with  a grass-root effort. He wants people to sign a
petition for three changes in the laws, to "Clean Up Parliament"

1) No Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if convicted
(there are presently a couple dozen Parliamentarians in that position)

2) The eligibility for election to Parliament must be limited to 2 terms
of office. (Many in this position)

3) Direct preferences should be restored for the election of
Parliamentarians (Berlusconi changed this, I think)

He asked members of Parliament for their opinion, agreement or not, on
these three points and some of their answers are telling. For example,
on point 2), one answer he received is:

"No [I don't agree]. There are many reasons: if I thought it was a bad
thing to serve more than two terms of office I wouldn't have put myself
forward to serve the third."


Tommorrow is called: Vaffanculo Day  (or "V-day")



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