[ExI] pensions

Dagon Gmail dagonweb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:13:03 UTC 2007

It may be me, but I have a hard time visualizing how all this will work
for me, somewhere in the 2030s, when the world has almost certainly
experienced some of the most fundamental paradigm shifts in history.
I mean, there will have to be some effects of nanotechnology,
advanced prototyping, fabbers, robotics and rejuvenation by then.
And then some.

Even a modest effect of demographics (workforce, people living "a
few" decades longer) will throw the pension logic in most countries in
complete disarray. I know it's sisyphean to try and impress that idea
onto *politicians*, who thing in terms of months or at best a year or

I worry about longterm survival. From there on I'll see if there's anything
left to live off meaningfully. I can only hope something like abundance
comes along and gives me a tai massage along the way.

I do not have the luxury of being abundantly able to anticipate on any
such developments, because of restrictive personal circumstances, but
anyone has any thoughts on how to make it beyond the likely social
ordeals to come in the 20s? My first bet is focusing on being a creative
mind, and having a few months of food & water and a chainsaw hidden
away (my guess it may become revolutionary, with legions of moaning
zombies roaming the streets) but what else?

Duct tape?

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