[ExI] Anti-Aging: Belonging to Literature or Science

nvitamore at austin.rr.com nvitamore at austin.rr.com
Tue Sep 11 00:20:46 UTC 2007

From: Bryan Bishop 

>Anti-aging has always seemed to be a task of engineering to me, rather 
>than one of literary commentary. Is there evidence to the contrary?

I suppose that literature did cover anti-aging in folklore and mythic tales
long before it became a science or engineering project.  But cancer has a
history too and perhaps anti-aging "belongs" or cancer since cancer cells
produce the telomerase enzyme which  lengthens telomeres.

>And can a topic Belong? (That brings up another thread of discussion.)

Yes, probably.  But I'm not someone who thinks that topics are
descriptively belonging to any one domain.  I think historically a domain
can give birth or rise to a topic but a topic, once set free, is shared and
becomes trans/multi-disciplinary.

FYI:  this question was brought up in some research I was doing and a
response I received is that anti-aging belongs to literature not science. I
am not sure this is correct thinking and am both confused and, frankly,
annoyed by this statement and am not sure if I will challenge it.  Maybe it
is a "right" thought/statement.  I don't know -- but I do know that this
list has some of the smartest minds to toss it around with.


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