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Sat Sep 15 19:51:01 UTC 2007

> bounces at lists.extropy.org] On Behalf Of Robert Picone
>....  It of course
> would almost never be in an AI's advantage to wipe out the human race,
> like it isn't in our advantage for to wipe out geese...  Robert

Robert the timing of your comment entertained me.  Goose season just opened
in Douglas county Oregon.  My folks have a ranch on which they are currently
growing winter rye.  The south-flying geese come in by the skerjillions to
devour that seed immediately after it is sown, which is done the day goose
season opens.  My folks invite the local hunters to attempt to wipe out the
geese in order to save their investment in grass seed.  

Each hunter has a five goose limit.  Hunters usually have an ethical
discomfort with shooting something for no reason whatsoever.  The corpse
must be either devoured, or some use made of it.  A local entrepreneur was
suggesting grinding the slain geese into dog food. 

In that very specific instance, it is to some people's advantage to wipe out
geese.  {8^D

That brings up a problem related to your initial point.  We often think of
one AI, or a unanimous group of AIs.  But what if AIs have varying agendas,
as do humans.  Would it not stand to reason that one AI or subset of AIs
could see an advantage in wiping out the human race?


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