[ExI] Russian Governor Sponsors Conception Day

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Hi PJ;

I've read some speculative political papers that suggest that China will in fact "export" her population to Eastern Russia, whose population is already largely of Asian ancestry.

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> Subject: [ExI] Russian Governor Sponsors Conception Day
> You know me, always a sucker for a laugh.  This from The Guardian via
> The Grist List:
> "From Russia with Lust
> Hot and bothered about its dwindling population, a Russian region
> recently gave women a half-day off work for patriotic sex; liaisons
> ending in perfectly timed babies may be rewarded with a brand new SUV.
> We'd make some privileged snark about overpopulation and emissions,
> but time off for getting laid? We're sold."
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/worldlatest/story/0,,-6849496,00.html
> Wait a minute...  Russia needs more kids.  China needs less.  I've got
> an idea for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Why don't they send
> some of those extra Chinese guys over to Russia?  Not only does it
> make economic sense, but they might have better luck finding a wife
> there, with government-sanctioned time off for sex.  Sounds win-win to
> me!  ;-)
> PJ
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