[ExI] Russian Governor Sponsors Conception Day

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sun Sep 23 17:39:25 UTC 2007

"PJ Manney" <pjmanney at gmail.com> wrote:

> You know me, always a sucker for a laugh.  This from The Guardian via
>  The Grist List:
> "From Russia with Lust Hot and bothered about its dwindling
> population, a Russian region recently gave women a half-day off work
> for patriotic sex; liaisons ending in perfectly timed babies may be
> rewarded with a brand new SUV. We'd make some privileged snark about
> overpopulation and emissions, but time off for getting laid? We're
> sold."

Hang on, there's something wrong here, now what could it be?

Hmm, women, time off work, for sex - Aha! got it!
Who are they going to have sex with? Each other? That doesn't tend to
work for making babies.

I can imagine some red-faced Russian beaurocrat admitting that he forgot
about giving the men time off too.

(or don't the men in Russia work?)

ben z

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