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>  That occurred to to afterward, but it makes you wonder what if anything
> the parents would do about it? After all, they are the ones that have been
> responsible for the moral education of these young un's. Haven't they done
> well so far !.Likewise I think the law is flaccid when it comes to this kind
> of behaviour in kids this age. Teachers are no longer allowed to deal out
> discipline and even parents are limited and watched like hawks under the
> guise of 'protecting kids from abuse'.
> I am truly worried for the next generation of '*I want it now, you cant do
> nuffin, I am the centre of the universe' *kids. They clearly have their
> heads up their owns arses and have no respect for anyone or anything. At
> least we had respect and a healthy dose of fear.
> Very troubling indeed.

The truth is that "I am the center of the universe, you can't do nothing"
attitude may well work with parents or teachers, legally and psychologically
inhibited from doing anything about it. It does not work at all, however,
with *peers* who may find themselves below the age for criminal liability,
and that in any event even without major breach of the law can and will do
indeed much when faced with the attitude, and are bound to dispell any such
delusion very soon.

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