[ExI] Calorie restriction assists chemotherapy

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> On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 1:21 PM, BillK wrote:
> > Good news for Spike!
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> I've just realised that my comment could be misinterpreted.
> I didn't mean to imply that Spike is getting chemotherapy!

Cool, I didn't even think of that interpretation.  {8^]  Thanks Billk.  I
currently have two (extended) family members undergoing cancer treatments
including radiation and chemo, but neither have ever done CR, and I am
pretty sure neither would be open to the idea unfortunately.

It makes sense to me that chemotherapy would work better for CRers: the dose
must be very carefully controlled.  My colleague's wife perished because
they gave her a little too much of the toxin when they thought she may have
actually been recovering from the breast cancer.  {8-[  

> I just meant that because Spike already does calorie 
> restriction, in the unlikely event that he ever does need 
> chemo, then he has a head start over everyone else... BillK

It seems to me that different types of tissue would react differently to a
particular level of toxin, so the medics would need to estimate the ratio of
muscle, bone, flab and other to get the dose right.  If the flab level is
way low, that job would be easier?


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