[ExI] EP and Peak oil.

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	Spike stated:
	>There are different existing breeders with different cooling
	>including using water.
	Damien replied:
	I believe that's the method Spike uses, but there are also some good
	lotions on the market.
	There are just too many possibilities here for a response....
	John  ; )  

Thanks John, but I didn't write that about breeders.  I have intentionally
avoided posting anything about the topic ever since doing some calcs on
Keith's notion of using fairly common neutron sources to separate plutonium.
That was a shock to my system, because I still haven't figured out why that
wouldn't work.  Unless I was sleeping in one of my physics lectures, that
would work.  I never slept in those physics lectures, I loved those things.

That being said, I am now calculating the impact of bad guys with plutonium.
I am still convinced that detonating a nuke is technically difficult, but a
dirty bomb is simple.  So how much plutonium would it take to mess up a city
indefinitely?  The answers I keep getting are that the bad guys could
increase the background radiation sufficiently such that some people would
still choose to live there, and still be OK, many could live to old age
there.  But more health minded people would get scarce, which would include
pretty much anyone with money and actual ability.  What would that city look
like then?  If that happened to one city, would people stay around in the
others?  Where would they go?  Would we spread ourselves more evenly over
the land?

Such a dreary response to a good gag, ja.



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