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	Samantha Atkins wrote:
	>>...What a charade, a farce, a tragicomic dark and depressing
	>Amen to that!  It really bothers me that conversations about this
subject on the Extro-list turn "comical" with discussions of flying naked on
planes.  Is losing much of our civil liberties as the Western world turns
into a massive high-tech police state amusing to Extro list members??
...John Grigg

Sure but keep in mind, it isn't bad old governments that are taking our
civil liberties.  Consider dutch film maker Geert Wilders, maker of Fitna.  

Some Europeans are seriously suggesting that he face criminal charges for
*blasphemy*.  Of course they may have other names for it, inciting hatred,
racist something or other, but cut thru that.  There is not one comment in
his film that has anything to do with race.  It is blasphemy for which his
life and liberty are being threatened.  Who woulda seen that coming?  It
isn't governments doing this, it is religion, that is threatening loss of
civil liberties in Europe.  


Wilders is being guarded 24/7 to prevent the fate of Van Gogh:


Europeans among us are invited to comment.



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