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Hi Gina:

Sorry for the frank note that fallows...........

I am a bit prejudiced about MS as my wife Arla was diagnosed in 1987 and
died of it in 2004.
But before I freak you out Arla's progression is in the minority.
The vast majority are amongst  the walking wounded.
However we extropians pride ourselves as being able to solve those insoluble
problems, so we have a reputation to uphold, right?

So having opened the can of worms, let me set my reasoning down.

Over 10 years from 1994 to 2004 I spent 12,000 hours online researching  and
brought several MS drugs into play.
Arla had the 1000 mg solumedrol sessions of 3-5 day duration  about 4 times
a year from 1998 to -2003.
The first few years she would say "I have the good form or MS".  .. as
opposed to chronic progressive.
The relapsing remitting occurances left measureable effects over the years
and by 2002 became chronic progressive.
The last year things really got nasty when several seizures almost effected
her like strokes.

The really good science came too late for her.
Over the years I did determine several things however.
If it were to happen again the estriol ( a very weak estrogen), the vitamin
D (perhaps as mucvh as 5000 IU/day,
the non psychogenic cannabinoid CBD from hemp, would be among the first line
defences and would be used when there were no symptoms and not as a response
to accelerating disability.

We never did not use therapies such as methotrexate some others used.  In
spite of being toxic they seem to have kept some people from getting to the
end stages.

Aggressive use of cruciferous phase 2 inducers such as those from broccoli
sprouts and cress should have been  a daily dietary addition to reduce the
silent  oxidative stress underlying the more detrimental MS related

We never had the interferons available until the health plan determined it
was not pharmacoeconomically feasible to get them.

In hindsight that is what made me start LIFESPAN PHARMA in 2005.

So what I am suggesting is to plan carefully then  shoot first and ask
questions later....at least that is what I'd do if it were me.

Morris Johnson
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