[ExI] BIONICS: Collective Consciousness

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Wed Apr 9 19:56:56 UTC 2008

Asimov has been mentioned recently. Now, in his book Foundation and Earth he proposes a most interesting idea for a Second Galactic Empire (Galaxia if I remember well). This entails a collective consciousness of humanity on a galactic basis. Sci-fi goes so far. Here comes a possible future. So many of my acquaintances are afraid of losing individuality due to the development and 'government oppression' as some say... Really? Actually, I suppose it would be plausible to have some auxiliary core installed and leave the brain read-only. We have the internet, a good beginning for a collective 'overmind'. What if we just connected ourselves directly to the internet enabling us to share thoughts, on a more advanced level, even feelings? Technological singularity might be due to the work of a human network of minds (like cells in our brain), in my opinion. Then we, humanity, would be able to create the unthinkable and this has nothing to do with an end. Or yes, it is an end of what we have now and a new beginning. I love great ideas like democracy, communism or the European Union (yeah, right I'm young enough to do so :D). However, externally solving the issues our nature holds is impossible (it is aggression I mean and hatred etc.) As I see and experience it, most conflicts are due to misunderstanding or conflicting ideas (on a one-on-one basis, that is). To have each of us understand the others might solve this issue, right? (And here comes a possible artificial intelligence enhancement. Actually there is a natural increase in brain capacity as I gather). I'd be most happy to live in a world where there is no language, no unnecessary writing as thoughts are transferred directly if need be. And I still have so many questions and ideas to share but must go now. Hope you'll find this interesting.

Thomas Pardy (M1N3R)
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