[ExI] Health system, again

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 12 21:05:05 UTC 2008

Olga writes

>> ... *It's really too bad that we have no countries of any size left in the 
>> world that are entirely free, in the sense that they compel their citizens 
>> as little as did the U.S. of 1855.*

Heh, heh.  I was referring to the context of free from government rule
and regulation, naturally, as you must have known.

> Why, of course ... back then, one could *choose* to be a
> slaveholder, or not.

You still can! Simply pick up your savings and go to certain places
in northern and eastern Africa, if you want to buy and own some

It's terribly interesting to me that some people are vastly, vastly
more interested in condemning institutions dead nearly 150 years
ago (especially if it's an American or western past institution),
and seldom if ever criticize any non-western nation for the same
crimes, *taking place RIGHT NOW*.


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