[ExI] Slavery Now and in the Past

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Apr 15 17:13:15 UTC 2008

BillK writes

(Incidently, Max and Stefano each score 100% in my book
on each of their posts:  perfectly worded, succinct, and
totally correct.)

> To try to reduce the evil in society, two things are required.
> First, educate the population. Obviously this has failed for
> many, and some are incapable. But we tried.

Yes, though it does sound as if you want the government to
use force to achieve these attempts at educating the populace.
I actually agree with you---except that I consider it to be a
function of the existing level of sophistication and existing
level of advancement of society/culture. It was more necessary
in the past, somewhat less necessary now, and presumably very
much less in the future.

For example, if the people are free enough (have had a tradition
of freedom long enough and strong enough), then it is better to
leave it entirely to the free market:  people can choose to educate
their children (or not) however or wherever they want.

As another example, if the children were all bright and happened
to be born in a rich society with many interesting possibilities,
organized education of any sort may be superfluous.

> Second, pass laws banning the worst of the con tricks and frauds.
> Obviously this also has great failings. But we tried.

Same as the above: at some points in history, it seems to me that
it was necessary. But we should try to evolve towards a point
where it won't be necessary. And it may not be necessary today
in advanced countries:  reputation systems may already be strong
enough in the U.S., Oceania, and Europe to obviate laws in this


> You can't protect everyone from every possible evil.
> But that doesn't mean the only alternative is a gangster-led free-for-all.

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