[ExI] Slavery in the Future

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 16:04:29 UTC 2008

Lee Corbin wrote:
>>There is utterly no reason to worry about slavery in a high-tech future.
I am not so sure.  I could see a powerful individual/government employing
slavery not out of a desire for economic profit but simply to "enjoy"
degrading former enemies and to eliminate the need to trust others (humans
have trouble with this!).  I also envision the slavery of genetically
engineered biological sentients who are created for such tasks as warfare or
sex work.  Never having known freedom, they may not even fully realize what
they are missing as they carry out their appointed roles in their society.
And they may be neurologically modified so that they will not be prone
toward the desire to rebel and be free.

You may say that soldiers or sex workers, etc., could simply be
human-like hardware bots instead of wetware biologicals.  But I bet some
future societies will want to augment their "hardware bot resources" with
sentient biologicals (both out of sentimentality and perhaps practicality,
machines may not be able to do everything better).

And then there is the subject of artificial intelligence slavery/AI civil

John Grigg
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