[ExI] Slavery Now and in the Past (was: Health system, again)

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> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Domination
> ### This is a neat sf story.... but if we are talking about realistic
> scenarios, I think that nastiness of this kind is strongly self
> defeating, at least as long as there are competing political
> entities.

While the nastiness of slavery could certainly be self-defeating
politically and morally, the real reason something like the Domination
of the Draka is doomed to failure is because of economics. A system
where a significant portion of ones wealth is invested in slaves is one
where one must feed, clothe, shelter, and keep in working condition a
bunch of people or lose ones investment. This is in addition to all the
expenses of keeping them subdued in the first place including the
occasional "example" that must be made from time to time.

It is far more efficient and cost effective to simply pay them a
nominal wage and let them worry about being able to afford food,
shelter, medicine, etc. Capitalism is superior to slavery because in
some respects, it is even more ruthless.  

> I am curious where we end up after the singularity.... I really am.

I have been working on this question lately. I have determined that
only nine generalized outcomes are possible. Albeit there can be subtle
variations of each potential outcome. I will elaborate with an essay
about this when I have time.

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