[ExI] Global Temperatures to Decrease

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Fri Apr 18 01:12:30 UTC 2008

>Damien said: Yayyy! All that bullshit "global warming" panic is over! Oh, wait, it goes on:

I think this particularly insidious and damaging meme will just go on and on and on.......Even when all the trees are dying because?we have sequestered all that CO2 (tree food), and?a new?ice age is knocking on the door? They will still be blaming it all on Global warming?while happily cashing that big fat cheque. It makes me want to set fire to a big pile of tyres.
It?just about says it all when you see that those who were shouting about global cooling just a few decades ago and screaming for tax increases. Are now shouting about global warming and you guessed it, screaming for tax increases.

When 'experts' start rewriting excepted scientific principles to support their own interpretation of?censored data, when media coverage of all opposition is also censored and anyone with a dissenting voice is called an Earth rapist. You know its just a witch hunt. What happened to the medieval warm period? It seems? never to have happened. Where is the consensus? I can't see it. I must have missed the end of the debate, I think it must have ended with all dissenters being shot, thus argument settled. Shameful derailing of the scientific process and a damning indictment of the state of our media driven scientifically illiterate society.

How can you defeat such ignorance and blatant fraud? Show me the facts, not the opinions. 

P.S? alternative energy=excellent idea in its own right, We don't need lies and unjustified taxation. 

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At 08:56 AM 4/17/2008 -0700, Lee wrote:
>* Global temperatures for 2008 will be slightly cooler than last year.

Yayyy! All that bullshit "global warming" panic is over! Oh, wait, it goes on:

>But this year's temperatures would still be way above the average - 
>and we would soon exceed the record year of 1998 because of global 
>warming induced by greenhouse gases....
>Researchers say the uncertainty in the observed value for any 
>particular year is larger than these small temperature differences.
>What matters, they say, is the long-term upward trend.

Damien Broderick
[There we were this morning, tearing along the freeway at 80, then we 
went on a feeder and slowed for a red light. For the last 20 seconds, 
our speed dropped well below 80. In fact, it went to zero! A new 
trend! No-ideological-bullshit-conclusion: traveling from now on will 
be really, really slow]

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