[ExI] Use of Irony, or Miscommunication? (Was Re: Global Temperatures to Decrease)

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Fri Apr 18 15:57:15 UTC 2008

LOL, I think that sums it up. However apologies for the rant. It wasn't directed entirely at Damien, his post was mainly?just the catalyst which caught me in a bad mood at the end of a long day.
Irony, Sarcasm, any form of humour, It's all good with me. I agree it is essential for a healthy list and my real apology is that I didn't have the strength to include much in my?rant.


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Damien writes

> At 09:12 PM 4/17/2008 -0400, ablainey wrote:
>> >Damien said: Yayyy! All that bullshit "global warming" panic is 
>> over! Oh, wait, it goes on:
>> I think this particularly insidious and damaging meme will just go 
>> on and on and on.......Even when all the trees are dying because we 
>> have sequestered all that CO2 (tree food), and a new ice age is 
>> knocking on the door? They will still be blaming it all on Global warming
> Omg. Am I really going to have to label my sarcastic retorts with 
> warnings: <bitter irony alert! do not quote in support of silly 
> claims being pilloried!>?

It looks to me as though Alex saw through (thankfully!) your
ironical retort, because he's rebutting the point you're *really*
making, no? 

Or am I missing something?   Recap:  Lee links to "not warming", then
Damien implies "global warming is not bullshit", and then Alex rebuts
the global warming "meme". 

But I totally agree that we cannot do without irony and sarcasm on
this list. At least I can't   :-)


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