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A further realisation. Using available current technology, You could be flash frozen. Then picked apart with an STM. we could theoretically upload someone today. Or at least start it, The speed of picking out atoms with an STM and building a digital copy would take millennia. However we wouldn't be able to 'Run' an upload with today's technology. So they would have to sit idle as data until we figure that out.


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Lee, I would assume/presume based upon what you have written below, that you would take the view that 'the pattern' would be wholly intact when a subject is cryo preserved? If so, would cryonic?suspension not be the perfect temporary measure for those who think successful uploading is a little too far away??It would be a prudent insurance policy for ensuring we are still around?for uploading.
I must admit that I have never thought of the two in this way and have only viewed cryonics in regards?of being fixed and living again. But it would seem that the freezer is a perfect stop gap until the uploading technology is available. It would also solve a few technical problems associated with uploading.
The more I think about it, it would seem to solve most if not all the problems of cryo as well.


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