[ExI] Global Temperatures to Decrease

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Mon Apr 21 03:40:02 UTC 2008


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> Hmm, but yet further
> <In the absence of the greenhouse effect caused by the carbon 
> dioxide in the atmosphere, the temperature at the surface of 
> Venus would be quite similar to that on Earth.>
> But I don't have patience right now to read through the rest 
> of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus ...Lee

Hmmm, that comment has not the ring of truth.  

If one assumes away the atmosphere and looks just at the radiation equation,
my single digit BOTECs would go like this: .7 AU, pretty close to twice the
total radiation from the sun (inverse square law), so 

(constants) * T(earth)^4 = 2 * (constants) * T(venus)^4

T(earth) is oohhhh about, what, 280-ish?  So T(venus) would be about 330 K,
which is hotter than humans could tolerate, hotter than the record
temperature on earth, but still about 40 degrees cooler than boiling water,
and cooler than the water some beasts in Yellowstone park geyser pools can

I guess it depends on one's interpretation of "quite similar."


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