[ExI] kritarchy

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 23:25:16 UTC 2008

On Monday 21 April 2008, Tom Nowell wrote:
> Stathis wrote "And from the Wikipedia article on Kritarchy:
> "Under kritarchy even courts of law, police forces and other
> organizations that look after the day-to-day business of maintaining
> law, are denied any power, privilege or immunity that is not in
> conformity with natural law.
>  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kritarchy)
> That all sounds fine, but it begs the question, who decides what is
> natural law and what if I don't agree with the decision?"

Natural law is the way of the universe. I have never heard of kritarchy, 
but it looks interesting if this is the case. Ah, nevermind, it's 
about 'natural rights', not actually physics. False positive. :)

>  This is one of the great hopes of space colonisation - being far
> enough apart from your neighbours you might have time to develop in
> freedom before politics gets in the way.

I am wondering how hidden you can be even within the core of the current 
civilizations. Would be an interesting question, and would save time 
with the space development issues. Anonymity has its benefits.

- Bryan

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