[ExI] Yesterday's Mashed Potatoes.

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Tue Apr 22 13:01:51 UTC 2008


>>  To make an upload even sheets a thousand atoms thick
>> would probably  be vast overkill, and no need to do the
>> entire body, just the brain will do.

"Stathis Papaioannou" <stathisp at gmail.com>

> How can you be sure about that? Tiny molecules causing tiny changes in
> conformation of membrane proteins can make huge differences to
> cognition.

Seems like a pretty good bet to me. There are no permanent biological
structures only one atom thick. If there are any that are 1000 atoms thick
it shouldn't be that difficult to infer what must be below the top layer we
are scanning, most of the time just more of the same.

   John K Clark

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