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However, that still doesn't explain how you are going to get 
those 'perfect' cross-sections of the human body.

- Bryan

Ok, a quick rough and ready description of what I can imagine.
I envisage the subject to be in a frozen, vitrified state and ideally also further set in a solid block of some kind of medium (*).
The film demolition man probably gives the closest visual example, however I see the subject in the typical laid out (death) pose 
and the block being a rectangular type, not circular.The STM could then be CNC controlled to pick up one atom at a time, presumably
identifying each type by charge or size? I'm not sure if we are quite at this level yet, but it is surely within short term reach. 
The atoms are then encoded to the data upload. The atom could either be dropped giving us a destroy the original scenario,
or preferably could be attached to a new substrate so as to reconstruct the original.The machine continues following a row and
column path (**) until the entire single atom plane has been removed, so down to the next layer.You can imagine the time this would 
take, so multiple heads would be preferable. In the tens or hundreds of thousands .I would imagine we could give it a try with a very
 small life form, or sub life like a virus to test the concept? If the reconstruction method were used, and a hardy virus that could 
survive the low temp, we should theoretically be able to revive it on thawing?Any idea how many atoms in a virus sized block? LOL

(*) this solid medium block is to avoid problems with extremities so they are secured in position.
(**) As atom size and there position would not be uniform, the machine could use a track along to next atom method rather than an exact grid.So rows/columns would be roughly 1 angstrom, but the exact position of atoms found would be encoded and replicated in the reconstruction.

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