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The problem with sheets is the surface area to volume issue plus 
dependencies on the amount of nutrients that can be supplied to the 
cells. So a giant 2D grid of cells. Okay, that's great, you can 
effortlessly get nutrients to them since you have both sides 
accessible, but then this means that you also have tons of overhead per 
slice, and how many slices are you going to need to do in order to get 
any significant output?

Perhaps a system similar to paper manufacturing, where the cells are separated out from solution by a?fine mesh drum.
?Or even attached to a dissolvable paper-like substrate. The finished meat paper would be rolled up to get bulk.?
A few downsides I can think off are?that it would need to be timed exactly to the cell development and the entire operation would need to be 
under fluid. This gives lots of worries about contamination from roller lubricants and wear particles coming from the machinery.
Also dealing with a breakage or tear in the meat sheet would be hell. You would need to send in the sterile scuba diving mechanic.
It is feasible though, Albeit with lots of very careful design.


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