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"I always thought the "Extropy" label is very strong because it does
not have an "old" meaning and by itself does not trigger any image, be
it positive or negative. But over the year the E word has became more
and more identified with a specific political flavor of the T word
(perhaps this is not what Max More and the first Extropians would have

Perhaps the T word will lose its negative connotations over time, or
perhaps we should think of a new label."

I think you may have hit the nail on its head.  Extropy is a meaningful
term because it is about continually learning, growing, discovering and
reevaluating.  I cannot speak for Max, but for me it contextualized the
term "transhuman".  In other words, it gave the concept of "transhuman" a

Let me also say that I do not favor "extropianism".  I never identified
with that term because it removed the essence of extropy by packaging the
views in an "ism".

WE MUST be careful in what we decide and how we package it.  This is not
for any one group, but for as many of us as possible to consider what the
heck to do.

Mind you, I am not in Spain and just completed a talk on "Deconstructing
Transhumanism" and got considerable feedback.  Most people do not like
transhumanism.  At all.  We have a very big problem to work out and it
cannot be done, again, by any self-proclaimed organization as being a
"turn-key" or "overseeing" of H+, but by a clearly a strategy that needs a
meeting/conference about.

I propose that we create a conference in real time or virtual to deal with
this.  Everyone ought to come and participate.  We need our thought leaders
there and all participants.

This is my proposal.

Best wishes,

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