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>     $1 mil isn't a lot, but it's better than a kick in the arse. And it 
>     comes with plenty of media attention as well. In the end the real reward 
>     will be the income earned from the sale of such meat.
> Ah, finally we get to the underlying reason. The bottom line is that 
> we, the west will have control over supplying the rest of the 
> starving world with cheap meat.
> We will hold the patents, equipment, knowledge and the funds to push 
> this method of food production. Giving us the edge and presumably 
> power over the rest of the globe. As China reduces its food production 
> while simultaneously demanding more and better quality food. Factory 
> produced meat will be a license to print money.
> I think meat production will become a hard fought race very soon, if 
> it's not already quietly underway. I think the prize may be 
> politically motivated rather than an altruistic gesture?
> Alex
No. It's not political or altruistic. It's emotional. PETA members don't 
like the idea of breeding animals in lousy environments and then 
slaughtering them. If you have ever seen what really goes on in these 
"plants" you would know why. The slaughter isn't the worst of it. It's 
almost enough to me me want to skip eating meat. But alas, it just 
tastes too good! Their idea is a solid one. Knowing that there are too 
many of me out there to win their goal of stopping the processes in 
place now, they want to sponsor an alternative that will allow people 
like me to have their meat without all that. It's a brilliant example of 
capitalism working and I do agree that the race for this will heat up 
very soon. I can't wait. Once we can make meat like this, we can also 
control many of the "bad" things that are in the meat!

One thing I found today - look at this little discovery. 
Talk about perfect timing!
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