[ExI] singularity models, was RE: Not Immoral to Want to Be Immortal

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Apr 26 14:47:01 UTC 2008

> Jef Allbright
> ...
> >
> >  Interesting that I have been reading ExI-chat for well 
> over a decade 
> > and SL4  for a long time but still can't give convincing 
> answers to these questions.
> ...
> What answers do you feel are lacking? ...> - Jef

Jef, what I find frustrating about singularity theory is that I have no way
to use my most powerful tools: mathematical modeling.  I use math to
understand everything that I feel I know about.  Without equations, I am
left trying to describe things with words.  I like words, I'm a big fan of
them, but they don't get the job done.  I have yet to see, nor can I
conceive of how to describe the singularity with variables and good solid
system of simultaneous differential equations that can be solved to yield
insights and predictions.

Example: engineers study a field of math called feedback and control theory.
Negative feedback is what prevents most physical systems from reaching
singularities.  A speaker/microphone system would explode without negative
feedback.  Aim the microphone toward the speaker, the system amplifies
random noise until a howl is created, but that howl doesn't keep getting
louder until the system explodes because of the negative feedback imposed by
the physical limitations of the system.

I hafta think there must be negative feedback in the singularity, but I just
don't know what are those mechanisms.


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