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Yeah, I may be a bit late on reacting to this, but I haven't been on the 
internet for some time...

> On Friday 25 April 2008, nvitamore at austin.rr.com wrote:
>> From: PJ Manney pjmanney at gmail.com
>> >I do not subscribe to anything he says, except this particular
>> > opinion that the word "transhumanism" does us no favors and a
>> > handful of techno-utopians with body issues can give the rest of us
>> > a bad rap.

Interesting. I have no problem with my current self, I am 190 cm and weigh 
80 kilos and all that entails (plus I had a fracture 8 years ago, that just 
haunts me ever since but that's another matter). Despite these facts, I 
would not hesitate a bit to have all kinds of devices attached to me. So am 
I a geek with bodily issues, who just seeks remedy in cyborgization?

>> I think that the meaning of "trans" in regards to "transition" has
>> been obfuscated to mean "anti".  We are indeed in transition but that
>> does not mean we forfeit our species or our humanity.  I am not an
>> expert on species theory, but H+ was intended to become another
>> species.

I'll snip out the comments for now, excuse me for that. This sounds 
interesting to me. Have you ever come to think about the fact that 
transhuman and posthuman includes 'human'? This is a necessary step forward 
in evolution, I suppose. Evolution still goes on naturally as well. Just 
consider the height of this generation for instance. And the cognitive 
capacity as well (true). Then we might just speed it up a little bit and 
what we get is even more human, right? Besides, I suppose the word 
transhuman and H+ sound well enough to be said with no intention of huge 
alterations. Does a pacemaker make you a cyborg (it does, but does it change 
your human attitude)? I think not, and this holds for every other 
enhancement as well. 

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