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> I never felt comfotable with cyborg. I mean, it is so metal and all.
> Transhuman fits the bill better I think.

First thought that came to me was the film Terminator. Did you see that? 
Arnold was a "living tissue over metal endoskeleton" pronounced with a 
German accent :D. But this need not be so. And as the definition is, a 
cyborg is a person (or entity) who depends on technology in its everyday 
life. I have glasses, thus I am a cyborg. I wouldn't be able to live without 
technology. I always have my laptop with me, for example. Now, a person who, 
without a pacemaker, would die in an instant, finely satisfies the 
definition of a cybernetic organism. Oh, and if you have organic 
augmentations (wetware add-ons), you still are a cyborg :) I may be wrong 
about this... Don't take me wrong, I like the word Transhuman, but I used 
cyborg for so many years as a child, without ever knowing that there was 
something like bionics and finally, transhumanism this year.

Thomas Pardy 

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