[ExI] Yesterday's Mashed Potatoes

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 16:18:33 UTC 2008

I wrote:
Ahh, but what is the nature of faith?  Absolute 100% belief as a motivating
force for action can work wonders.

Rick Strongitharm wrote:
Absolute, 100% belief is blinding dogma.  The "wonders" that it works
include suicide bombings, indoctrination of children and infanticide (eg.
Andrea Yates, et al).

Furthermore, placebos are know to work wonders.

I'd rather have an information-backed opinion than faith.  :>)

I'm saddened that you stereotype "faith" and "belief" in such a way.  Like
many people today, you hear the words "faith" and "belief" and only think of
homicidal religious fanatics.  I see these terms in more of a secular way,
as greatly motivating factors in a person's life when they do not yet see
how things may come together (having some of the facts & building blocks
before them, but not all, "confronting the imposing darkness before the
light at the end of the tunnel") for them to achieve their daunting goal.
But they move forward anyway with great purpose because of the firm
conviction that *somehow* things will work out.  There are people who have
done the very nearly impossible (both good and bad) due to their faith and
belief in themselves, and their cause/goal.

And they ate their mashed potatos!  : )

John Grigg
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