[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

Fred C. Moulton moulton at moulton.com
Mon Apr 28 17:39:56 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 04:46 -0600, Amara Graps wrote:
> Stathis Papaioannou stathisp at gmail.com :
> >but openly polygamous, polyandrous and whatever the term
> The term is polyamory
> >is for relationships where multiple men and women live together
> >are quite rare.

A quick and fairly good introduction is on wikipedia:

> 'Quite rare'?  Since when?
> There are even Usenet groups devoted to such lifestyles which would
> demonstrate that the practices have a devoted set of practitioners and
> for some decades. Try googling it. (Or spending some time in the S.F.
> Bay area.)

Correct.  There are various Potluck dinners and discussion groups.  Also
there have been poly relationships in the broader Extropian and
transhumanist community.  In addition for several years there has beem a
Burning Man theme camp named Poly Paradise.  You do not necessary need
to be in a poly relationship to camp there however you must at least
have an understanding of and be accepting of polyamory.  For anyone
planning to be at this year's Burning Man I plan to be camping with Poly
Paradise so if you are also at Burning Man stop by and say hello.

And while I am sure that the following points are obvious to everyone I
will mention them just in case:
-Polyamory does not require that some, any or all share living quarters.
They may or they may not.
-There are no necessary sexual preference or gender roles templates in


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