[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 08:51:08 UTC 2008

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 9:21 AM, Rafal Smigrodzki wrote:
>  ### Can you be more precise? In what way is this horrific exploitation
>  accomplished? Is there any use of physical force against resisting
>  persons? Use of threats of physical violence? Threats of
>  incarceration? Intentional starvation? Is there an unbiased,
>  statistical analysis of the frequency, if any, of such acts among the
>  FLDS members? Is there an analysis of outcomes, i.e. the frequency of
>  severe emotional trauma, and the level of adjustment among FLDS
>  members? How do they compare in such measures with average Americans?
>  How do they compare on these measures to the survivors of kidnapping
>  and persons raised in foster care or in orphanages?
>  Do you really think that kidnapping hundreds of children is justified
>  by a desire to punish their fathers?

The reason for removal of the children was not to punish the adults.
It was to stop the adults from continuing to abuse the children.
Authorities believe that of the 53 girls aged between 14 and 17, 29
are already mothers and two are pregnant.
"It shows you a pretty distinct pattern, that it was pretty
pervasive," said Darrell Azar, a spokesman for the Texas Child
Protective Services.

The adults *will* be punished in due course by the legal system.
Warren Jeffs (their former leader) is serving ten years in jail as an
accomplice to rape after he forced a 14-year-old girl to marry her
The self-proclaimed prophet is currently awaiting trial in Arizona on
charges of being an accomplice to four counts of incest and sexual
conduct with a minor stemming from two arranged marriages.

There was physical violence to children going on in that compound. But
it is a serious weakness in your libertarian extremist views if you
say that *physical* violence is the only violence that matters.


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