[ExI] Human extinction

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My mother gave birth to my younger brother at an Air Force hospital
(30 years ago) and she had to put her foot down with the doctors to
not do a c-section because it was their standard operating procedure
to carry out the procedure as soon as the least bit of trouble


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>> > For comparison, we have three friends who gave birth 8, 10 and 11
>> > years ago.
>> > In all three cases, the mothers were very stoned during and
>> after the
>> > birth, and don't remember much of it.
>> Stoned?  Were these unusually difficult births?
> Ja actually two of them were: one was emergency C section after 20 hours
> labor and no progress, one breech, the other normal as far as I know.
>>  If not difficult births ... then, WHAT???  Just a decade ago?
>>  Where was this?  Olga
> Two at Stanford, one at Kaiser in San Jose.  In all three cases, the mothers
> were loopy as a box of cheerios an hour after the births.  The Kaiser birth
> mother doesn't remember our being there, even tho we were around for about
> half an hour.  Don't know what they were giving them.
> spike
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