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Welcome aboard Jonathan! 

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  (Members of the AGI list, forgive me for this essentially duplicate message.)

  Somewhere in this maelstrom of lions eating zebras and rounding up zealots for the rapture, an introduction was missed out. I am sure I have met a number of you at last year's singularity summit, which I assisted with, or will meet you at this year's, where I will be assisting again.

  I am in my second year of a masters in research psychology at San Francisco state. My (current) thesis involves the psychological constructs of the mind in regards to online entities: how we conceive and relate to synthetic groups, such as this email list, or your friends on facebook, and also complex non-human systems, as they become more nuanced and intelligent. 

  I am also working towards PMP Project and Program Management Certifications (despite a decade of 'real world' work, one is still required to take an undergraduate class to qualify for the examination :/), with an eye towards a career bridging the worlds of research and engineering on graduation with some writing on the side.

  This scholastic endeavour is my second (third?) life: before this I was a dot-commer, working at start ups, before eventually getting swallowed by Microsoft and then Juniper Networks. And before that, I wrote video game soundtracks (I'm sure you've played some of my games :>) and tv commercials, and managed the production group at a small game firm.

  In addition to working on my thesis project, I am currently reviewing the developmental psychology texts of my undergraduate days, in order to refresh myself, and with the additional intention of writing a review of the literature suitable for the non-developmental, non-psychologist working in AGI (and as a springboard towards further research of this type). If anyone can point me in the direction of similar work of this fashion, it would be appreciated - so far, the topic does not seem well covered, which is good news for me, after a fashion.

  In any case, I am enjoying the chatter here, and will probably be lurking around here for quite a while, depending on the anticipated advances in extropian and life extension technologies of course :>


  Jonathan El-Bizri


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