[ExI] Subject: Re: Human extinction

David C. Harris dharris234 at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 23 06:07:00 UTC 2008

Lee Corbin wrote:
> ....
> Do you think it possible that the urge towards "zero
> population growth", the famous ZPG, has also played
> a role? By emphasizing the pain, hopefully fewer children
> will be born.
I don't recall ever being a MEMBER of ZPG, but I was in agreement with 
their view and read lots of their material.  I don't recall ever reading 
anything that emphasized the physical pain of childbirth.  They did make 
clear some other costs, both in personal terms and economic.

I've since become more aware of the ability of economic and 
technological advances to accommodate more people.  Whether having more 
people will improve the average life, or whether economic growth can 
just preserve the average life quality, or whether humans simply can't 
be productive enough to justify large numbers --- I still haven't 
reached a conclusion.  My Extropian streak is rooting for humans and 
computers in synergistic relationship, like me and Google searches.

  - David Harris, Palo Alto

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