[ExI] who should white shoot?

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		In the old days when two guys just couldn't take each other
they would have
		a duel. ...  Mr. White goes first,
		followed by Brown, followed by Black.
		Who should Mr. White shoot at?
		Think hard.

	If Mr. White goes first, he has the option not to shoot at all,
thereby stalling further progress?

Pacificist!  Sure Chris but recall that the game was originally derived by
the three because each deplored the other two reprehensible sons a bitches
and wanted them both dead, much in the spirit of the old time duel with
pistols or swords.  The spirit of the game requires an 18 century sense
chivalry and murderous adventure.  {8^D  

If you prefer, restate the game with paint balls and the "survivor" takes a
sizable sum of cash.  


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