[ExI] What happened between Drexler and the FNI between 2004-2006?

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sat Aug 30 15:12:42 UTC 2008

At 04:14 AM 8/30/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was doing some digging to understand the background of what 
>happened from 2004-2006 between Drexler and the Foresight Nanotech 
>Institute he co-founded. Why the split and eventual disassociation?
>There is this 2004 Wired article from October 2004 but it is 
>incredibly light on the why's 
>Below a time line of his positions within the Institute as I managed 
>to reconstruct it using the Way Back machine and the ExI chat archive:
>until Apr 03, 2004 => Chairman: K. Eric Drexler, Ph.D.
>Apr 04, 2004 => Founder and Chairman Emeritus: K. Eric Drexler, Ph.D.
>Apr 21, 2004 => <http://e-drexler.com>http://e-drexler.com live
>Aug 03, 2004 => K. Eric Drexler, Chairman, Board of Advisors
>May 26, 2005 => K. Eric Drexler, Founder and Advisor
>Apr 21, 2006 => Nothing, "no association"
>None of the weekly newsletters nor the quarterly updates of the FNI 
>even mention his departure - just the appointment of a successor...
>Can some of the old timers please share their insights?

No, but I can quote Wikipedia:

"Drexler and 
Peterson, at that time husband and wife, founded the 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foresight_Institute>Foresight Institute 
in 1986 with the mission of "Preparing for nanotechnology." Drexler 
and Peterson ended their 21-year marriage in 2002. Drexler is no 
longer a member of the Foresight Institute.


"In 2006, Drexler married 
Wang, a former investment banker who works with 
Innovators for the Public on improving the social capital markets."


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